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With more than 105 years of experience, NIBCO® products are used in residential, commercial construction, industrial and irrigation markets worldwide. Products range from valves, actuators, plastic and metal fittings, press-to-connect copper fittings, PEX piping systems, industrial plastics, to pipe hangers & support.

Since being established in Taiwan in 1981, Fortune Valve has been positioning itself to be a world-class valve manufacturer with products for plumbing, commercial, industrial and special applications

Smith Cooper International, Inc. manufactures customized stainless and carbon steel valves, grooved fittings and couplings, malleable iron fittings, forged steel fittings, merchant steel fittings, bronze fittings and brass nipples, and pipes.

Imcoa Pipe Insulation is a flexible, polyolefin, thermal insulation. It is used to retard heat gain and prevent condensation or frost formation on cold water plumbing, chilled water and air-conditioning lines. Imcoa Pipe Insulation also retards heat loss on heat water plumbing.


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